Detect Potential COVID Outbreaks in Real Time Protect Your Residents, Team and Facility

Detect life-threatening infectious outbreaks early

Real-time detection guides skilled nursing facility teams in fighting the spread of emerging infections. 
Advanced Early Detection of Infectious Disease Outbreaks In Real-Time

SmartSteward™ is the first and only intelligent software specifically designed to detect serious respiratory infections, including COVID-19, in skilled nursing facilities as well as serve as a decision support platform, delivering data to the doctors and nurses at the moment they need it.

SmartSteward™ EYE

24/7 Automated Infection Detection

SmartSteward™ ID

A Comprehensive Set of Infection-Related Reporting

SmartSteward™ SYNC

Communicate, Share Data, and Diagnose - Anywhere.

Meet Regulatory, Family & Patient Demands with SmartSteward™

Meeting regulations and assuring families that their loved ones are getting the best care possible is imperative. SmartSteward™ helps your SNF optimize performance and demonstrate you’re taking the proper steps to ensure quality of care.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

By automating and integrating infection control and antibiotic stewardship processes, SmartSteward™ provides SNFs with the opportunity to improve both the patient’s health and the SNF’s business. And because SmartSteward is cloud-based, no installation is required.

Listen to Your Data

SmartSteward™ uses machine learning and 27 proprietary algorithms to identify potentially deadly infectious outbreaks. These include respiratory viruses like influenza and COVID-19 and multi-drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA. This enables early action to prevent outbreaks and manage drug resistance within the nursing facility.


SmartSteward™ Advantages

Intelligent Surveillance

In today’s world, getting out in front of infectious outbreaks is paramount. SmartSteward’s intelligent surveillance system scans all available data and connects the dots for you. Automated early warning alerts notify nursing staff to potential hot spots. Automated reports enable you to spend less time with paperwork so you can spend more time caring for patients.

Clinical Decisions in Real-time

On-site nurses and off-site physicians can share critical patient data at a moment’s notice with SmartSteward™. Photos, EHR data and individual drug profiles can be provided to help physicians diagnose patients from anywhere, and assure they’re getting the prescription they need.

Reducing Rehospitalization

Infections are one of the primary causes of rehospitalizations in SNFs. SmartSteward™ monitors your facility 24/7, and allows physicians and nurses to easily share labs, radiograph images, photos and drug profiles to make the right decision for your patients and facility at the right time.

Reducing Facility Resistance & Optimized Antibiotic Management

A healthy facility is a more profitable facility. SmartSteward™ is focused on helping address facility antibiotic resistance with tools that can reduce overuse and improve drug selection based on facility resistance patterns and science-based prescribing standards.

Clinical & Regulatory Reporting

Under the CMS’ guidelines, SNFs are required to implement and maintain infection control programs and provide substantial reporting. Data gathered by SmartSteward assists in compliance reporting, including new COVID-19 reporting requirements to health departments.

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