5-star skilled nursing facilities run on SmartSteward

Surveillance, diagnostics, and reporting of
infections and antibiotic usage for compliance
and effective care

Real-time Antimicrobial Surveillance

24/7 real-time facility surveillance and alerts of infection events to drive infection control and antimicrobial stewardship interventions.

One Click Reporting

All reports you need on infection control and antibiotic stewardship for the QAA meeting are just one click away!

Paperless Assessment and Review Tools

Seamless assessment tool for doctor and nurses. Automatic flows to assess a patient infection case using the McGeer criteria for nurses.

SmartSteward prescriber decision support

Proprietary antibiotic recommendation engine that optimizes antibiotic prescriptions.

With two clicks, prescribers get antibiotic recommendations to treat an infection while controlling for possible antibiotic resistance. The recommendation includes the right dosing, timing, and frequency depending on patient physiological information.

10% Reduction

On antibiotic burden once a facility implements a comprehensive antibiotic stewardship program

Physician Feedback

Improve antibiotic prescribing habits with periodic confidential physician feedback reports

Infection Control Re-imagined

Improve your infection control while reducing the time your nurses spend doing paperwork and contacting the providers.

Automatic Infection Events

SmartSteward automatically creates infection events. The result? No need to do infection sheets as soon as you start using our system.

Improved Communications

Nurse-to-Doctor communication reduces tenfold once you start using SmartSteward. Doctors will love the fact you’re saving them time.

Infection Control Preventionist Tools

Give your ICP all the tools they need to control infections and lower the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in your facility

SmartSteward dashboard


“SmartSteward makes me faster and more efficient. I don’t have to be in the office to send a message; I can be in a room meeting with family members and giving them advice.”

Kenece - R.N.

“I would recommend SmartSteward to a friend because it makes communications more convenient and easier. I don’t have to worry about reading off labs, trying to pronounce words, etc.”

Morgan - R.N.

“SmartSteward allows the doctor to respond and provide faster answers. I can better multi-task and write something to the doctor while doing med pass and get orders faster from the doctor.”

Kim - R.N.