Frequently Asked Questions

SmartSteward™ SYNC FAQs

How does the prescription engine make recommendations?

The SmartSteward™ prescription engine acts like a Doctor of Infectious Diseases by reviewing multiple data points which include the complete patient history, current status and diagnosis, and the facility antibiogram to produce optimized prescriptions focused on patient health and minimizing facility resistance levels.

Do physicians have to text in order to prescribe?


I have a pharmacist already reviewing antibiotic use in my facility, do I still need SmartSteward™?

Pharmacists typically review what happened in the past. SmartSteward™ helps optimize prescribing in real time.

How does the messaging system work?

Consider the messaging system a secure HIPAA-enabled texting system which includes key patient data from the EHR as well as attachments, like images, if needed.

How can “inside and outside” team members access SmartSteward™?

Any internet-enabled device works – including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones. The SmartSteward™ service is secure and password-protected.

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