SmartSteward™ EYE

SmartSteward™ EYE is a surveillance and alarm system for potential deadly respiratory virus-like event (RVLE) outbreaks like influenza and COVID-19, as well as multi-drug resistant organism (MDRO) outbreaks. SmartSteward™ EYE uses 27 algorithms to scan metadata from electronic health records and lab reports in real time, identifying critical changing patterns. Importantly, this requires no operator input.

SmartSteward™ EYE allows SNFs to:
  • Receive immediate text notification for potential Respiratory virus-like (RVLE) events, including Influenza or COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Receive alerts and track MDRO events including ESBL, VRE, MRSA, C. diff, CRP, CRE, CRAB, other gram negative MDRO, and Candida Auris
  • Visualize cases or potential outbreaks within a facility via an interactive motion heatmap and other graphics
  • Easily generate respiratory and MDRO event reports for quality meetings and AHCA reviews
SmartSteward™ EYE continuously generates easily accessible reports to keep your SNF up-to-date in an efficient manner.
Real-Time Events, Alerts & Alarms

Potential infection events are tracked in real-time. Each event is analyzed and given a score based on the probability and severity of a possible outbreak.

Depending on changes in event scores, low-level alerts will be sent via email, while critical alarms will be sent to staff and administration via both text and email.

Heat Map

A detailed map of your entire facility, the motion heatmap tracks the origin and spread of MDRO and RVLE events over time and location.

MDRO Line Listing

MDRO colonization is tracked directly from microbiology reports and proprietary algorithms are reported in an easy-to-follow line listing.

MDRO Charts

Interactive charts designed to help clarify the trend of MDRO incidence over time. Identify and track resistances with ease, viewing resistances over time and organizing by type.

PDPM Opportunities

SmartSteward EYE identifies information for MDS assessments in gastrointestinal, infection and pulmonary sections, as well as disease diagnoses and isolation precautions needed.

SmartSteward Eye Frequently Asked Questions

SmartStewardTM EYE pulls information from your EHR, using data from every patient in your facility in order to record and report accurate readings each and every time, including, but not limited to:

  • Vital Signs
  • Patients’ Current Status
  • Patient Drug History
  • Patient Progress Notes
  • Lab Orders & Lab Results
  • Radiology Orders & Reports

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