Frequently Asked Questions

SmartSteward™ ID FAQs

Who uses ID?

ID empowers the Infection Preventionist with comprehensive infection-related reporting in real time, answering the questions “who has what” and “how are we doing?”

Is ID hard to learn?

No. The software and reports have been designed with input from Infection Preventionists. And training support is provided to ensure you are able to use SmartStewardTM with confidence.

Why does SmartSteward™ use McGeer criteria?

McGeer surveillance criteria is used by most Skilled Nursing Facilities to provide comparable analysis across the board. NHSN also uses McGeer criteria as a foundation for their reporting.

How often is the facility antibiogram updated?


Why does SmartSteward™ ID include antibiotic stewardship reporting?

Improving prescribing habits can improve facility resistance and have a positive impact on the infection trends and patient outcomes.

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