Frequently Asked Questions

SmartSteward EYE FAQs

What is SmartSteward EYE™?

SmartSteward EYE™ monitors Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) for potentially deadly infectious disease outbreaks. The system detects respiratory virus-like events (RVLE), which include symptoms of Coronavirus and Influenza, and the presence of multidrug resistant organisms (MDRO).

How does SmartSteward EYE™ detect RVLE and MDRO?

26 proprietary algorithms continuously analyze facility and patient data to determine changes in RVLE patterns and MDRO outbreaks.

How does SmartSteward EYE™ alert the team to a potential outbreak?

Potential threats are assigned different risk levels. Events are displayed and reported, Alerts are emailed, and Alarms are emailed and texted to team members. All communication is HIPAA compliant.

What is the installation and training process for SmartSteward EYE™?

SmartSteward EYE™ is a secure cloud-based system that the IPCO automatically accesses. The system monitors a facility’s EHR and lab reporting and does not require user input. On-line and phone support is available. Coaching and additional training is built into the system.

How much does SmartSteward EYE™ cost?

$350 per month if invoiced monthly, $295 per month if paid annually ($3,540). There is a one-time set-up fee of $500.

SmartSteward ID FAQs

Who uses ID?

ID empowers the Infection Preventionist with comprehensive infection-related reporting in real time, answering the questions “who has what” and “how are we doing?”

Is ID hard to learn?

No. The biggest adjustment an IP will face is what to do with the time saved and information generated by ID.

Why does SmartSteward use McGeer criteria?

McGeer surveillance criteria is used by most Skilled Nursing Facilities to provide comparable analysis across the board. NHSN also uses McGeer criteria as a foundation for their reporting.

How often is the facility antibiogram updated?


Why does SmartSteward ID include antibiotic stewardship reporting?

Improving prescribing habits can improve facility resistance and have a positive impact on the infection trends and patient outcomes.

SmartSteward SYNC FAQs

How does the prescription engine make recommendations?

The SmartSteward prescription engine acts like a Doctor of Infectious Diseases by reviewing multiple data points which include the complete patient history, current status and diagnosis, and the facility antibiogram to produce optimized prescriptions focused on patient health and minimizing facility resistance levels.

Do physicians have to text in order to prescribe?


I have a pharmacist already reviewing antibiotic use in my facility, do I still need SmartSteward?

Pharmacists typically review what happened in the past. SmartSteward helps optimize prescribing in real time.

How does the messaging system work?

Consider the messaging system a secure HIPAA-enabled texting system which includes key patient data from the EHR as well as attachments, like images, if needed.

How can “inside and outside” team members access SmartSteward?

Any internet-enabled device works – including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones. The SmartSteward service is secure and password-protected.

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