Frequently Asked Questions

SmartSteward™ EYE FAQs

What is SmartSteward™ EYE?

SmartSteward™ EYE monitors Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) for potentially deadly infectious disease outbreaks. The system detects respiratory virus-like events (RVLE), which include symptoms of Coronavirus and Influenza, and the presence of multidrug resistant organisms (MDRO).

How does SmartSteward™ EYE detect RVLE and MDRO?

Proprietary algorithms use meta data to continuously analyze 27 facility and patient data to determine changes in RVLE patterns and MDRO outbreaks.

How does SmartSteward™ EYE alert the team to a potential outbreak?

Potential threats are assigned different risk levels. Events are displayed and reported, Alerts are emailed, and Alarms are emailed and texted to team members. All communication is HIPAA compliant.

What is the installation and training process for SmartSteward™ EYE?

SmartSteward™ EYE is a secure cloud-based system that the IPCO automatically accesses. The system monitors a facility’s EHR and lab reporting and does not require user input. On-line and phone support is available. Coaching and additional training is built into the system.

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