Antibiotic Reassessment


  • Communication between nurses and doctors is key to the successful management of infection events and challenging when doctors are frequently offsite.
  • Patient reassessment during antibiotic treatment is a critical element of antibiotic stewardship which is often neglected.


  • SmartSteward™ sets 24 to 72 hour timeout reminders to reassess with every antibiotic prescription.
  • SmartSteward™ automatically notifies nurses when it’s time to reassess the patient.


  • Nurse on day shift was concerned of patient’s altered mental status and used SmartSteward™ to reach out to the doctor who requested a urinary analysis.
  • Abnormal UA lab result was forwarded by nurse to doctor.
  • Doctor issued Rx Cefdinir 300 mg/5 days. Doctor also requested a 48 hr. reassessment.
  • Nurse on evening shift was sent reminder to reassessed at 48 hrs and found no change in patient’s condition and alerted doctor.
  • Doctor ordered a new urinanalysis which was positive.
  • Doctor discontinued cefdinir.
  • Started new prescription for optimal therapy – (Nitrofurantoin 100 mg/7 days).
  • Patient’s condition improved.