Reducing Rehospitalizations


  • Infections are one of the primary causes of rehospitalizations in SNFs.
  • Physicians are often offsite and lack information about the patient and their current condition.


  • SmartSteward™ allows for 24/7 surveillance of infections throughout the facility.
  • SmartSteward™ has a built-in communication tool that makes it easy to share information like labs, radiographic images and pictures.
  • Nurse was concerned about a patient with a left arm that was red, swollen, warm and tender to touch and alerted the doctor.

SmartSteward Prevents Rehospitalizations

  • Doctor was not at the facility, lacked patient information and was inclined to readmit.
  • Nurse informed Doctor that patient had a left arm cephalic vein thrombosis before transfer from hospital.
  • Doctor requested more information from the nurse on current drug profile.
  • Nurse indicated no antibiotic treatment currently and sent a picture to attending physician.
  • Based on the image, doctor decided no antibiotics were needed and decided not to readmit the patient to hospital.